I'm Going to Share With You an Ironclad System 

Closing Ideal Clients Who Can Afford Your Premium Investment - Without Scripts or Cold Messages


Are you ready to go beyond the cookie-cutter sales tactics?


What if I told you that you could have a seamless sales system?

One where you would be able to connect with scores of ideal Clients on repeat?


Build a business that lets you live your dream and make the impact you are meant to!
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I'm Going to Share With You an Ironclad System 

Closing Ideal Clients Who Can Afford Your Premium Investment - Without Scripts or Cold Messages


Are you ready to go beyond the cookie-cutter sales tactics?

What if I told you that you could have a seamless sales system?

One where you would be able to connect with scores of ideal Clients on repeat?


Build a business that lets you live your dream and make the impact you are meant to!
Click The Button Above And Take The First Step To Living The Life Of Your Dreams
The Challenge Begins 
October 10th:

Are you struggling to attract new clients?


Here's the thing, Selling is different today...

Getting in front of clients and closing sales are the two key things that most entrepreneurs are struggling with, the reality is that buyers are more sophisticated today and with so many different options readily available, buyers have choices. Today's buyers are being inundated with options, from people cold calling, to constant unsolicited DM's, to bait and switch tactics; today's customers have their guard up, and rightly so. 

This is why you have to take a different approach...

Imagine checking your inbox and being sold to 7 different ways from Sunday and no one is actually taking the time to learn anything about you? Then ramp that up with the manipulative knife twisting tactics being taught in the sales industry and you have a recipe for disaster. 

I totally understand your position. Selling wasn't a natural-born skill for me, and I spent a long time learning different tactics after taking my first sales position at a Bank. After realizing that all of the systems I learned were missing something, I developed my own sales flow, which worked exceptionally well to the point where the Banks started asking me to train their employees. 

Here's what I found

Many of the people I trained believed they had to be natural born sales people with huge personalities to sell, due to this belief that they couldn't be successful in role they would try to stay under the radar, doing just enough. This would lead to not hitting sales targets, an unhappy work environment, and not making real money. 

Once I left the Banking world and started my own business, I found that many of the entrepreneurs I connected with were burnt out and pissed off. They believed that sales was a numbers game, so they sent DMs to hundreds of people a day, hoping something converted. That kind of work takes unbelievable stamina, and most just don't have it. Let's be real who wants to spend hours on social every day? So these entrepreneurs would end each day ready to throw in the towel because of not making traction.


I've got you covered!

There Is a Different Way to Close Sales.

The solution is a seamless sales and revenue-boosting system that allows you to close scores of perfect high-ticket clients- without scripts or cold DMs


Instead, focus on the solution that solves their problem or pain.

A seamless process that makes your buyers feel guided throughout the process. A system that enables you to think on your feet during sales conversation and not rely on scripts, freeing you to read body language, and microexpressions, understand buyer behavior, tonality, and layer in personality types. 


It can be so simple to close deals when you aren't worried about what to say next and it's an incredible boost for your business. Connect with clients and go through a simple sales cycle where you focus on the types of questions to ask rather than leaning into their pain. You get to leave behind the old school approach and instead have buyers raising their hand to work with you because you truly understand them and their needs. 


I've taught sales at some of the largest financial companies in the world and rolled out training that has benefited thousands of employees. When I made the shift to running my own business and helping entrepreneurs make money instead of big banks, I came at it with the knowledge that I can teach anyone to sell. Running a successful business and creating financial freedom is a right deserved by all, not a small minority, and I'm bringing together some of the best names in the game to give you the leg up you need to reach your goals! 

Closing my first 26k weekend felt so empowering then hitting my first 50k month even more so and when you have a system that allows you to seamlessly close sales you are also able to step into your power.

You will have the tools to:

  • Close more sales by learning the same money-making strategies I use in my business.

  • Create a real strategic plan that focuses on working with your strengths and gets you an extremely clear picture of what to do.

  • Finally be in a position to achieve your goals. Massive success is possible, but it's time to stop winging it and put in strategic action.

I'm on a mission to help entrepreneurs close more sales by helping them understand and empathize with their buyers, allowing them to guide them through the decision-making process, and making it easy for them to build influence and expertise.  

And that's why I created The Seamless Sales Challenge...
Want a sneak peek?

Here's What You'll Uncover During the 5 Power-Packed Days of the Seamless Sales Challenge...

Day One:

Systematically track your sales flow with ease, and gain insights needed to make data-driven decisions and deeper client connections

Day 1 is all about gaining insight and systematizing your sales process. Learn how to track the flow, plan ahead, and get sales without the frustration.

Day Two:

Give your business an edge by using the right tools to attract clients organically on repeat

The exact Client you want to work with is out there and ready to get to know you. I’m going to lay out the process of how to identify who your product can help most and how to attract them.

Day Three:

Create an Irresistible Sales Pitch that will have your prospect excited and eager for what's in store

We will break down precisely what makes a phenomenal sales pitch along with the key things you need to NOT do during your next sales conversation to change your results. 

Day Four:

How to overcome your own personal obstacles and your prospects obstacles so you can close more sales

Objections are the start of where the decision-making process starts. 90% of salespeople drop the ball as the Client is beginning to make a decision. I'm going to show you one of my best tips to overcome objections with ease and close the deal. 

Day Five:

Learn the secrets of 6 and 7 figure earners and find out how they close deals

Hitting 6 Figures as a Coach or Entrepreneur doesn't have to be complicated. By simplifying your sales process, you can attract your soulmate Client, ask effective questions to gain insight,  be prepared for any objection, and close the deal

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About working with Ryleigh..


Why Am I Sure This Challenge is The One that Finally Creates the Impact You Desire?

I'm Ryleigh Klimenko,

I understand you because I was just like you.

I hate high-pressure sale conversation, where you feel like you have to persuade or beat your client into submission. Those tactics are archaic, brutal, and for most people, they don't work. The other side of the coin is getting clients through volume and sending out hundreds of cold DMs daily, hoping 1 or 2 bite and willing to hop on a call.

The reality is most people don't have the stamina, desire, or sheer force of will to manage sales like that. So what happens? They let their brilliance fade and chalk it up to a failed business attempt.

This doesn't have to be the case. Sales can be simple, and I'm on a mission to help Coaches and Entrepreneurs learn how to sell in ways that boost their confidence, build on their expertise, and allow them to close deals with confidence.

The old-school ways of selling don't work, and the secret is that anyone can become a fantastic salesperson. Join this challenge, and I'm going to give you the blueprint to a seamless sales process..



Rooting for you,

Ryleigh Klimenko

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We start on October 10th 2022

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So let’s break this down!

Everything You’ll Experience with The Accelerate Your Sales Challenge:

  • 5 day of training with me, Ryleigh Klimenko, business sales coach and mentor
  • Access to the dynamic Accelerate Your Sales Challenge Facebook group to join the sessions, share takeaways, and connect with other brilliant business owners
  • Starting October 10th everyone gets access to each of my 5 trainings as it's happening inside The Accelerate Your Sales Challenge Facebook Group
  • You will have access to the recordings of each daily session in the Facebook Group until Sunday, October 16th at midnight after the conclusion of the challenge


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3 pm -4 pm GMT (London Time)



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