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Be Brave: 3 Steps to Conquer Fear and Boost Your Sales

conversational sales momentum rejection sales strategy self-reflection Dec 07, 2022
women writing for sale in mirror with red lipstick

You sound like you're from London?


Brightly done lipstick, eyelashes that were too heavy for my eyes, and an accent that only comes out for 1 of 3 reasons.

  • I'm speaking to someone from home.
  • I'm pissed.
  • Or I'm terrified.

In this case, it's the latter.


Fear can pop its little head up in the most inconvenient times. For some, it's when going live, others when writing a vulnerable post, and for some, it's when actually offering your services.

As a coach, I understand the fear that comes with putting yourself out there and selling your products or services. It's like standing on a cliff edge, overlooking an abyss of doubt and uncertainty, knowing you have to take a leap of faith to reach success.

And so many people make it look easy.

The overnight successes, the people who made 30k their first month in business, and on and on.


Back to the eyelashes.


Going live used to terrify me. I still, to this day, feel the smallest drop in my stomach right before hitting the stream button.

The way I overcame it was by taking tiny little steps each day to become more confident.


See, fear isn't our enemy; it's our protector. And instead of discounting it, shoving it to the side, or bulldozing through, if we take a step back and acknowledge it, then take small intentional steps forward each day to show it that we're safe, guess what?


It gets easier.

The same goes for selling.


Fear can be incredibly paralyzing, especially when it comes to selling your products and services. For many coaches and entrepreneurs, fear of rejection or failure can seem daunting - so much so that it stops them from ever reaching their goals.


But don’t worry! Fear doesn’t have to keep you stuck in the same place forever. Here are three ways to overcome fear and take action towards success:


1. Acknowledge the Fear: The first step is recognizing that the fear is there. Instead of pushing it away or denying its presence, acknowledge it and ask yourself why you feel scared. Once you understand where the fear comes from, you can begin to take proactive steps to address it.


2. Create a Strategic Plan: Once you have acknowledged the fear, focus on creating a strategic plan that will help you reach your goals. Break down each step into manageable chunks, and set achievable yet challenging milestones for yourself. This will give you something to work towards, taking away some of the overwhelming feeling of fear.


3. Take Small Courageous Steps Every Day: Finally, take small courageous steps every day towards your goal. Don’t feel pressure to take huge leaps - instead, take smaller steps every day that brings you closer and closer to success. Celebrate all wins along the way - no matter how small they may be!


Fear can be an incredible obstacle when it comes to selling your products or services, but it doesn’t have to keep you stuck in the same place forever. If you acknowledge your fears, create a strategic plan, and take small courageous steps every day, you can overcome your fear and reach your goals! Good luck!


If you're feeling stuck and want to get help with developing the strategy. Book a complimentary call with my Team today; we will take a look at your messaging, your offer, and your sales flow and support you in coming up with a strategy to move forward.


Don't stay stuck; take small steps of courageous action every day.

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