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All the Best Things can Happen to me on the Heels of Rejection

barbara corcoran overcoming rejection reslience shark tank Dec 05, 2021
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I love that quote from Barbara Corcoran.


You may know her from the show Shark Tank.

But did you know she had to fight for her seat on that show?

She’s a real estate mogul about to go to Hollywood and invest her own money in new entrepreneurs for this new show.

She had her contract and was all packed and booked to go…

Until the producer told her they hired someone else.

She wouldn’t take this rejection, so in response, she said:


All the best things happened to me on the heels of rejection and I consider this rejection a lucky charm.


She then proceeded to tell him half a dozen situations where she turned an obstacle around, and then asked if she could come to compete for the job.


One of those situations was this…

Seven years into building her real estate business, her boyfriend told her he’s going to leave… and MARRY HER SECRETARY.

This was the same boyfriend who encouraged her to leave her waitressing job, go into real estate sales, and loaned her $1,000 to start her own firm.

The situation sucked out all her confidence so quickly for a whole year.

But you know what’s amazing?

She eventually grew her startup into a real estate empire.


And because she was able to turn that and a couple other rejections into opportunities…


She knew the conversation wasn’t over at the producer’s first rejection.

She won back her shark seat and has been in all seasons of Shark Tank since.

She even co-founded Forefront Venture Partners to give people the chance to invest alongside her.


And to think we wouldn’t know her as the real estate mogul and investor that she is if she accepted that rejection and called it a day.

More often than not, objections aren’t the end of the conversation.

In fact, sometimes it takes multiple follow-ups before we can get a client on board.

So why do we cower in fear at the first objection?

When they say…


“I have to think about it.”


“It’s too expensive.”


“I’m not liquid right now.”


There’s that feeling of wanting the ground to open up and swallow you whole.


But that’s actually just the start of the opportunity.


And if you feel icky about pushing your clients to purchase, or what I say, beating the client into submission…

If you want to know how to have a sales conversation, that’s empowering, allows you to be confident, and enables you to help and transform people’s lives…


I want to invite you to join me for a complimentary sales audit, where my Team will go through your sales flow with you and give you tips and tweaks to help solidify your process.


My gift to you to help you navigate your sales flow and close deals with confidence, purpose, and finesse.


Rooting for you!


Ryleigh (RK)

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