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The one piece of business advice that transformed my business

brene brown funnels gary vee grant cardone new year webinars Jan 01, 2022

I’ve mentioned this before, but one of the best things I did when I began my business was build connections and a solid network.

I knew that was one of the most important things for my business to succeed.


If there’s anything else you would quickly know about me, I’m a tech person.

I love building funnels.

I like making landing pages and making them pretty.

My idea of fun was looking at Dan Lok, Brené Brown, Gary Vaynerchuk, and what other big names are doing.

Watch their webinars, NOT for what they’re saying, but to break down the systems in place that make their events and businesses successful.

And for the longest time, I thought that for my business to be successful, it had to be modeled after people who had successful businesses.

I couldn’t have been more wrong.


At the end of summer, my 1-1 coaching was fully booked.

But did I celebrate?

Nope, because my work required a direct exchange of time for money…

And instead of being ecstatic, I was exhausted.


That was only ONE of the many times I thought about quitting and giving up.

It made sense to just get a day job, do the work I’m assigned to do, go home and do whatever I want.

But this is also where I had to confront what I REALLY wanted.

Did I want to work for someone again?

Do I want to give up the freedom of having my own business?

Do I really want to help other people NOT in the ways I know how and want to?

The simple answer was NO.


And that’s why when I say…

You don’t need to have a huge personality or be a “natural-born salesperson” to be successful in sales.

That’s what I actually believe.

I believe anyone can be successful in sales by being themselves and improving their selling skills.

You can have a thriving business without begging for sales or using manipulation tactics to get people to buy.


And that’s what I want to impart to everyone. That’s my BIG WHY.

If there’s ever anything you should get from this message, it’s this…

I want you to stop playing small.


Here’s to the new year! ✨



Your Millennial Money Muse,

Ryleigh Klimenko


P.S. If you want to find out the #1 most impactful piece of business advice I ever got, watch here.

I also divulged what it meant for my business, all the shifts I made, and how my processes changed.

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