The High Ticket Closing Masterclass
The High Ticket Close Masterclass

Selling is Not

Anyone can be successful in selling and I'm going to show you how


How to Sign your Next 3 Clients

The High Ticket 

Close Masterclass

The Step-By-Step Blueprint to Signing your NEXT 3 High Ticket Clients

Learn the strategy to close High Ticket sales without Ads, without Cold DM's, and without the hustle and grind.


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People are saying

Ryleigh is a Coaches' Coach

Ryleigh Klimenko is AMAZING! If you haven’t taken the opportunity to experience her first hand, ask yourself why? I’ve had many coaches over the years and none compares to Ryleigh. Her coaching style, expert advice, and “can-do never give up on you” attitude is what every coach needs. She is a coaches coach! Thank you, Ryleigh for being a great force in my life who I am proud to also call my friend.

Renee Reisch
/ Best Selling Author

She Dedicates Herself to Serving Her Clients

RK impressed me  –

In a word, she is the right business coach to go to if you are looking for someone who is knowledgeable, resourceful, and willing to serve!”

Jinglin Yang
Transformational Habits Coach

This Experience has been Life-Changing

My experience with RK has been life-changing. With her expertise, we have been able to consistently onboard new private label clients in year 1 of business. She was also able to come up with strategies for my business expansion and growth. I always leave each meeting feeling confident about my business and the direction I'm heading in

Toccara Samuel
The Exceptional Private Label

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