Why M3's Money Muse Academy

With this subscription, everyone can get a good overview of their finances and fix them where it's needed. 


I'll grab it!

And even if you're financially happy already and want to focus on wealth building,

This is for you!

This subscription is an all-inclusive, ongoing program that can teach anyone how to live a financially stable, happy life.

Here is what's Included


Monthly Live Workshops 

Where I break down financial concepts so anyone can understand. This way, you can get instant-action steps to upgrade your finances.


Monthly Q&A

Video where you can ask real questions via email and get insights tailored to your financial needs. Have a complicated problem you couldn't solve yet? Then this Q&A is a must-view for you!

Throughout the year, I will invite the world's top speakers on finances to speak.

They charge thousands of dollars for their talks, but you get them for free!

Their insights are priceless for anyone who wants to change their financial life.

$1 Introductory call

$1 Introductory call: I usually charge $250 for 45 minutes of my time. Yet, if you enroll today, you will get a 1:1 with me for $1.
We'll create a detailed, step-by-step plan on how to achieve your financial goals. Instead of $250, you only pay a symbolic $1 to show yourself what you can achieve with only $1.

But that's not all!

If you join now, I'll include these free bonuses on top

There isn't a single millionaire in this world who didn't read this book. It's the financial bible of anyone who wants to achieve financial happiness. Since it's essentials for your success in this program,it's my gift to you.

Free Budget Spreadsheet (value $7)


Everyone needs a budget; every Dollar needs a job to do. Give your money a goal every month and maximize your wealth-building potential. A budget gives you the roadmap to financial confidence. If you know what your money is doing, you will never again be surprised by bills again.

Free Net worth Calculator (Value $7)


This tool helps you watch your progress on your journey to financial freedom. It doesn't matter if your immediate goal is to pay off debt or invest for the future. Your Net Worth is a pulse on your progress towards your goals.

Netflix style VOD access to all Summits, Workshops, and Live Streams (Value $179)


Never miss a meaningful conversation about financial freedom. We'll upload all our content weekly to the Money Muse Academy, allowing you to re-watch content as you wish.


Discounted rates on one-to-one coaching (Value $153)

Enrollees will only pay $97.00 instead of $250 for a 45-minute session. Those sessions are available on a first-come, first-serve basis. You will get an early bird notice to get my help when you need it.

So in total, this whole program - if you would buy every part separately-
would be 
$754 per month or moreYet, I wanted to make this affordable for everyone.

So you're not paying $754...

You're not even paying half ($377) of that...

And not even a quarter ($188,50)...

You can get all of what I told you for a monthly investment of $29.97!

If you can afford $1 a day, 

you can afford this program.

A personal done-for-you financial plan costs almost as much as a year's worth of this subscription-...Yet you get it for way less! This offer is a no-excuses program, so anyone can join- if you can afford $1 a day, you can afford this program. And imagine what this will do for you...

I had the most financially literate conversation I've ever had in my entire life. Ever. One meeting with Ryleigh and I'm ready to conquer the world. The advise she gave me was so comprehensive and she was so personable I feel like she's my best friend. In order to gain literacy in other areas of finance I will definitely be scheduling more meetings as I grow. I recommend anyone who has a good grasp of finances and anyone who does not to just have a meeting with Ryleigh and be amazed!

Keke H.

When I worked with Ryleigh I came in with expectations that I was not going to be able to accomplish anything with the budget that I had. She not only helped me rework the budget, she helped me find holes that helped pay off debt. After the first conversation I was able to pay off nearly $1000 in debt immediately. Not only did she explain the budgeting process but she also took time to speak with me about my retirement funds. Thanks to Ryleigh and her program, I have invested money, paid off debt and created a plan for my family to live the life that we have always wanted to live. I’m so thankful for her program and for all of her knowledge that she shares with me.

Charise H.

Speaking with RK has really enlightened me because I lacked financial literacy. My career background is in healthcare and finances weren't my forte. Her honesty isn't for the faint hearted. Yet, her realistic strategic approach has put me in a stronger position to build on my wealth. I would recommend her to anyone ready to learn about finances.

Vanessa C.

What this program will do for you?



Top features

  • Netflix style VOD access to all Summits, Workshops, and Livestreams
  • Money Management Blueprint w/ Networth Calculator
  • EBook Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill
  • Discounted Rates to one-to-one coaching
  • Access to online resources



Save 15% - 30 Day Guarantee

  • Netflix style VOD access to all Summits, Workshops, and Livestreams
  • Money Management Blueprint w/ Networth Calculator
  • EBook Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill
  • Discounted Rates to one-to-one coaching
  • Access to online resources
  • One free 1:1 coaching session.