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Our extraordinary panel of 21 experts will teach you to take control
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Money Meets Mindset will help you live the life you want by
sharing strategies to build your wealth and unlock financial freedom.

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Hi, I'm your host, RK!

I founded M3 Coaches to help others pay off debt and learn sustainable strategies for building wealth and living their best lives. My mission is to help others gain financial freedom by sharing these strategies that helped me pay off $117,000 in debt over 18 months. I believe that if you change your money mindset, you can change your life! Here are the 20 other experts you'll learn from when you register for our event.

Your Host, RK

CEO of M3Coaches

The Millennial Money Muse

Andy Storch

Bestselling author of Own Your Career Own Your Life

Catherine Sanderson

Best Selling Author of Why We Act

Charise Harris

Founder of Plan on Purpose

Dionne James

Author of Credit -Lit for Teens

Ehab Medhat

Tedx Speaker and Coach

Faraaz Ali

Activist, Author, Coach


Janine Brolly

Conscious Wealth Creators

Jenn Gibbs

Founder of Infinite Step Mentoring

Jonathan Deyoe

President and Bestselling Author of  Mindful Money 

Laura Marsala

Master Leadership Teacher & Former Enlisted Officer, US Marine Corps


Leisa Peterson

CEO of Wealth Clinic & Bestselling Author of The Mindful Millionaire

Lisa Swift Young

Bestselling author of Pause 2 Praise and founder of, Change We Seek

Lisa Moon Brumm

Founder of My Financial Girlfriend

Melissa Spears Casteel

Master Reiki Coach, Heart2Heart Practitioner 

Michael Steven

Best Selling Author of Financial Freedom with Real Estate

Mikkel Leslie

Founder of Fulfilled Life Coaching

Patricia 'Zee' Zamboni Coash

Founder of Aushi Mizani and Master Mindset Coach

Reem Thierry 

Life Coach of Inner Leadership & Self Love

Shane Kulman

Founder of the Awkward Academy 

Tami Gomez

Founder of Elevate Your Life From Purpose to Powerhouse

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