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Hi, I’m RK! I can’t wait to help you find your version of Financial Freedom.

Money Coach | Entrepreneur | Thought Leader 

The Millennial Money Muse

I founded M3 Coaches to help entrepreneurs,  pay off 5-6 figure debt, learn multiple strategies for wealth building and build the life that they aspire to.

I have personally paid off $117,000 in consumer debt in only 18 months, and it was transformational. Now my mission is to help others learn the strategies that I am using. It is possible for anyone to free themselves from debt. There is no magic or secret sauce.’ Climbing out of financial pressures took hard work, grit, and resilience. This attitude helped me change my life and now I want to help you do the same.

My Methods

Create a roadmap for success and build financial leadership.

My method for inspiring my Clients to achieve their financial goals is to enable them to become engage and accountable for financial literacy, uncover financial weaknesses, and develop sustainable plans for success.

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