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Meet Ryleigh Klimenko

The woman on a mission to change the dynamic of sales and help Entrepreneurs worldwide live a life of abundance while creating positive change.

I Never Wanted to be a Banker

The whole profession sounds like a dry tweed suit

It wasn't my dream...

I mean who sets out to become a banker? The whole profession sounds like a dry tweed suit. I wanted to be a plastic surgeon. Now hear me out, this was when Nip Tuck was extremely popular, and the idea of giving implants to people while listening to soundtracks sounded fun and lucrative.


As soon as I started a degree in Biology, I quickly realized that it was not for me. Long story short, I ended up working for a microlender that, within months of my joining, went out of business. There I was, 19 and with no idea what was going to come next for me. I didn't have an education outside of High School. I had no direction. I just knew that I wanted to go to a job where I could provide value, help people, and feel proud of myself.


I choose to apply to Banks.


I was hired for a 20-hour hybrid Teller/Personal Banker role. I was offered a full-time position at another Bank but felt that working for the Country's largest financial organization at the time would provide more opportunities long term.


And it did.


Within 3 months, I was promoted to full-time. I soaked up all the training they could throw at me. Finally, I was in my element. Very quickly, I became an adept salesperson, and it wasn't because I was just innately very good. I didn't give up. I was persistent, I believed in the products I was offering, so I felt it was my obligation to show others how they could help them pay off their homes faster, pay down debt, keep the change.


I would go above and beyond. When I saw someone model exceptional service, I would try to emulate them.


3 Banks later, 5 Management positions, 1 Small Business Banker position, and countless summits, workshops, and sales training, and I was at a crossroads. I had just had my son.

I had a decision to make

I Could Continue
Hitting Walls

Have you ever felt stuck? Like you know you are capable of more, but you're only firing off 40 or 50% of what you could be? That's where I was. I wanted more, but I kept hitting walls.


Finally, I had a decision to make. I could keep pounding the ceiling until my hands were bloody, or I could realize that my potential is limitless and make my tower.

I Choose to Build 

The Program that Changed the Game

In my career in corporate, there is one program that stands out to me that defines how I approach training. 

It was called the Aspire Program.

One day, the Market President came to me with an idea to hold a talent development program "for the next generation of leaders."

He said…

"I don't know what it looks like, but can you bring it to life?"

Even with the tedious work I knew would lie ahead, I said yes.

I built the program from the ground up.

I developed all the content...

I structured the learnings…

And I created all the activities and homework.

Eventually, it caught the interest of executives and other decision-makers…

Then, we got some buy-ins.

In no time, people were flying in to join the trainings…

That was amazing enough as it is.

But what blew my mind was…

After some time since the program ended, we got word that all who attended got promoted.

That meant we had a 100% success rate from that program.

And that's when it was solidified for me…

People don't come to me for the numbers.

They come to me because of HOW I train people and HOW I pull together my programs.

What I know for sure is


  • That selling does not have to be hard
  • It doesn't have to be for the fortunate few with big personalities
  • It doesn't have to involve product dumping
  • It's not a numbers game

You've got the Desire

We've got the Strategy

You are an expert in your industry, but you need the knowledge and skillset of SCALING and CLOSING to make income on autopilot. 

Selling is an art, that you need to master.

When you look at selling as a formula rather than one long pitch you can scale your services and get predictable results.


Establishing deep connections quickly is a skill set that sets the top salespeople apart from the rest.

Ryleigh Klimenko

When you look at selling as a formula rather than one long pitch you can scale your services and get predictable results.

My talent is teaching my clients to listen to what's not said, how to know exactly where they are in the sales process, and quickly move people from disinterested to excited buyers. 

Establishing deep connections quickly is a skill set that sets the top salespeople apart from the rest. If you want exponential growth and to create a lasting business, it's time to try a new approach. The old systems don't work with today's sophisticated buyers, so it's time to stop forcing a round hole into a square peg and adapt with your audience. 


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