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Hi, I’m RK! I can’t wait to help you close the deal.

Business Sales Coach | Entrepreneur | Thought Leader 

My name is RK, and I'm a Business Sales Coach with over 13 years of direct experience working in Banking and Finance.


Ryleigh Klimenko is a highly sought-after business sales coach specializing in helping ambitious coaches and entrepreneurs grow, scale, and close deals. She teaches elite conversational sales and has worked for Bank of America and TD Bank, among other financial organizations, before leaving corporate to begin her coaching practice.

Ryleigh has an unassailable understanding of how to close deals. She teaches how to close more sales by working from your zone of genius, generating enough interest and rapport so that prospects want what you're selling - even if they don't know it yet!

Published and interviewed in many different places, including CBS, FOX, and NBC, she mentors her community of business owners, teaching them exactly how to close deals with confidence, purpose, and finesse

No matter what your background is, high ticket sales training can teach you how to connect with potential clients and close deals. With Ryleigh's streamlined 5-step process, we make it easy for anyone who wants more exposure or knowledge on the topic of selling products in today's marketplace!

Ryleigh's company M3 Coaches is on a mission to change the old sales dynamic and empower you with tools that will help close deals. We provide access for our clients in entrepreneurship, finance, mindset & personal development through virtual events led by some of today's leading voices!

When Ryleigh is not running M3 Coaches, she is balancing life as a mother of 3 beautiful children, wife to her husband Ivan, fur-mum of 2 vibrant dogs, and traveling the world as much as possible.



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