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Will Raising Your Prices Call In More Co-Dependent Clients?

pricing ryleigh klimenko sales strategy scaling Nov 28, 2023
Ryleigh Klimenko Graphic: Should You Raise Your Prices

Hi, beautiful souls,

Today, I'm delving into a topic that's close to the heart of every entrepreneur: pricing. We're going to unpack a common question: Does raising your prices make your clients more co-dependent?

Not long ago, I found myself in the middle of a high vibe discussion with a group of incredible women entrepreneurs. We were exploring the nuances of pricing, but not just as a financial figure – as a profound statement of value and its impact on client relationships.

The Psychology of Pricing:
When you raise your prices, it’s about more than just increasing your income; it's about valuing your service and the transformation you provide. This decision can significantly influence how clients engage with your service.

Interestingly, I've observed something quite the opposite of co-dependency in my practice. Clients who invest in high-level services, like 1:1 mentorship with me, tend to be lower maintenance.


Because they are deeply focused on their business and personal growth. These clients are living their lives to the fullest – traveling, spending time with loved ones, and immersing themselves in experiences that enrich their lives.

Empowerment over Co-Dependency:
The goal in any client relationship should be empowerment, not co-dependency. When clients invest more, they're not just buying a service; they're committing to a transformation. They're more likely to take ownership of the process, engage actively, and strive for independence, using the tools and guidance you provide.

Elevating Service with Price:
Raising your prices isn't just about asking for more money; it’s about elevating the level of your service. It’s about enhancing the quality, enriching the resources you offer, and guiding your clients toward self-sufficiency and independence.

Creating Value, Not Dependence:
Our work, especially in service-based industries, should always aim to make clients self-reliant. Our services are a catalyst for their success, not a permanent fixture they can’t function without. In my experience, higher prices have fostered a greater sense of responsibility and commitment among clients, pushing them towards autonomy.

So what do you really think?
Does raising your prices lead to more co-dependent clients? From what I've seen, not at all. In fact, it can encourage a more proactive and self-sufficient attitude. Remember, your prices should mirror the value you provide and you get to own that value deep in your body.

Feeling the Pull to Level Up?
If this conversation strikes a chord with you, or if you're thinking how to strategically scale your business, I’m here to help. Book a strategy session with my team, and let’s explore elevating your business and pricing strategy together.

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Here's to embracing growth, value, and empowerment – your way.

Until next time,


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