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THE PROGRAM: Introducing the Sales Goddess program, a transformative journey designed for women who are innovators, disruptors, and desire to take their lives and businesses to the next level. Over the course of 12 months, you'll receive a comprehensive program that includes a monthly high-ticket program, monthly subconscious reprogramming masterclass, weekly group hot-seat coaching calls, 2x monthly sales practice, exclusive VIP Q&A, and more. The program is valued at $56,000 if all the programs are purchased separately over the course of the year. This program is for women who want to create massive change, build a elite personal brand, create a business they feel deeply aligned with. Get ready to elevate your life and business to an iconic level with the Sales Goddess program.


THE SUPPORT: You'll have close access to Ryleigh and her dedicated coaching team, who are there to answer your questions and fully support you throughout your journey in the program. In addition, you'll have your own accountability coach throughout your 12-month experience.


✨THE COMMUNITY: For 12 months, you'll have access to a private Facebook community of like-minded women for support and accountability.


✨THE COACHING: You'll receive 12 months of access to monthly 1:1 sessions, EXCLUSIVE Weekly Q&A hot seating sessions with Ryleigh, and 2x per month tactical sales training sessions for a truly immersive experience.


✨MONEY MINDSET: Each month, you'll participate in money mindset energetics sessions to help you shift your money mindset to one of abundance. You will also have monthly 1:1 sessions with subconcious transformation coach Rime to support your journey.


✨COPYWRITING: The program includes swipe files, masterclasses, and resources on creating powerful and unapologetic copy.


✨SALES: With monthly high-ticket sales training, script reviews, and role-plays, you'll be ready to close big deals with ease.

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